Lissa Schneckenburger: New England fiddler and folk singer

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What The Fans Have To Say:


"Lissa's playing creeps up on you, and then you're hooked - this new album is no different. Her vocals are heart-felt and truly gorgeous"  -- Emerald Rae

"This was my first CD from Ms. Schneckenburger, and I'm looking forward to trying more. This CD was a great introduction. While I greatly enjoy the fiddle playing, the songs are my favorites. Her voice is just beautiful. Her selection of songs was charming, and this CD has earned one of the 5 spots in my CD player for a long time to come."  -- Julie R

"I am very thankful for Lissa's music! This is one of the best CDs in my whole collection! Listening to it gives me great comfort!"  -- Harry G

"Lissa Schneckenburger’s music is a revelation. This CD is listenable from start to finish. The fiddle playing on "Aoife's - Coleman's March" is masterfully voiced and expressive, and her vocals for "Irish Girl" are so poignant it almost makes you ache to find a river to walk beside in hopes of finding the beauty described in the song. "Before They Close the Minstrel Show" still makes me cry. Many thanks to Lissa for putting her music where we can listen and enjoy."  -- William Morris

"Lissa is a fantastic instrumentalist and vocalist. From traditional to original tunes she brings a freshness and originality that is unique and inspiring. I have been playing it over and over, can't get enough of it!"  -- Peter Van Arsdale


"A voice as sweet and pure as a mountain stream, with the warm glow of amber ale. Lovely.”  -- JL Braswell

"This one was just perfect, everything about it was seamless, from the strings to the harmonies. I'd buy the CD just for this song."  -- Jim Pipkin

"There's a lovely sparseness to this one. Lissa's voice is perfect for this song. The fiddle playing sounds almost effortless. First rate”  -- Gary Higashi

"Celestial afterthoughts laced with classically sophisticated overtones... bright yet conversational... delights the imagination... clean and clear as mirror glass... hints of green apple, gooseberry, with a note of asparagus... of course this description is of the fine sauvigon blanc i'm enjoying along with Lissa'a lovely voice... of which, words fall short! (~:"  -- Chris Clark

"Look out Alison! Lissa's in the house!! Great song..vocals and instrumentation. Two Thumbs Up!"  -- Jon Seaman

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