Lissa Schneckenburger: New England fiddler and folk singer


"How Do You Pronounce Lissa's Name?"

"The BIGGEST name in fiddling!" -- Larry Unger

Lissa's full name is completely phonetic, however, the sheer size of it often makes people feel bewildered and they get confused and forget how to read. So, just to set the record straight,

LISSA sounds like "Melissa" only without the "Me" part (hey- doesn't that sound like a good tune name?!)

SCHNECK rhymes with "Neck", and BURGER sounds just like the food of the same name (ironically, Lissa is a vegetarian). Those two sounds are connected by EN in the middle, and all together it becomes SCHNECKENBURGER, with a total of four syllables

Lissa's full name has a total of 23 letters, please let us know if we can win any contests with that.

The last name is of German origin, however Lissa's German ancestors moved to the United States many generations ago, and they no longer have any ties to the old country. German speakers have told us that the name means something like "snail town" or "civilian".

Many people ask, "with a name like Schneckenburger, how did you get into Celtic/New England fiddling?" Lissa got into it because a) she loves music, b) she loves the sound of the fiddle and c) her parents were typical hardworking folks who drove her to every fiddle/dance/orchestra lesson they could find, in addition to a boat load of concerts, festivals, and fiddle camps throughout her formative years. Lissa does happen to have some Irish relatives (the King side of the family) but she'd probably be into folk music regardless.

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