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"Can Lissa Come and Teach a Workshop
In My Community?"


If you live in an area where there is an appreciation for traditional music, and people that play it (a town with a fiddle club, Irish session, community music school, etc) then you can contact Lissa about coming to teach. In the past Lissa has worked music workshops into every tour, and it's always a lot of fun. If there is interest in a guitar, double bass, or rhythm section workshop the band could supply that as well.

Ideally it is best if you can get a minimum of ten participants out for a workshop. We've never had to set a limit on a workshop yet, but if there are more than 30 people it might get a little crowded.

Here is a general workshop description-

New England Fiddle

This workshop is open to fiddlers of all levels (beginning to advanced). We will start with a brief overview of New England fiddling, its stylistic elements, and its history with musical examples. The group will then learn one or two tunes from the traditional repertoire by ear. If there is time left over at the end of the workshop, the group will go over specific ornaments, and chords. All participants are required to bring a tape recorder or recording equivalent.

The most popular workshop Lissa teaches is New England Fiddle. However, below is a list of alternative topics that are also available.

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