Lissa Schneckenburger: New England fiddler and folk singer


Different Game

By Lissa S.

Driving down the road one day the sky was clear
She turned around to look at him as he drew near
Opened up the car door and she got inside
She had no way of knowing this was no ordinary ride

I have dreams of bigger things of better roads ahead
But all you really need is love the wise man said
Sometimes when two people find that their hearts beat the same
The world turns all around and it’s a different game

They said hello an awkward silence then occurred
He looked at her and found he could not say a word
Cupid drew his bow and aimed his arrow right
Two people on the interstate then saw the light


He was on a mission to avoid the rat race
She liked the way his hair looked when it brushed his face
Mysterious excitement passed between their eyes
They found each other’s hands to be the perfect size


Driving off towards Neverland and distant dreams
He thought she smelled like autumn and the falling leaves
They stopped to watch a sun set on a far off hill
And if this were a fairy tale they’d be there still


© 2008 :: Lissa Schneckenburger | website :: irislines, LLC