Lissa Schneckenburger: New England fiddler and folk singer


Like the Snow

by Kristin Andreassen / Yellowcar Music, ASCAP

It was a warm love in a northern town.
It was the right time for settling down.
It was a storm brought me to your door.
I didnít ask for your love, but I couldnít ask for more.
I saw the sun come out yesterday.
I felt our love melting away.
Believe me when I say Iím gonna miss your face.
Walking away I wonder, do you know this place?

Between the white earth and the black night,
When a loveís going wrong but itís still all right.
If only half of me wants to let go,
Can I go and come back like the snow?

They were good reasons I became your bride.
Itís nothing you did wrong, thatís not why I cried.
The pressure here, itís in my own heart.
Itís beating me up, itíll push us apart.
Because Iím not the same girl as when we met.
I know Iíll change again, and yet...
What if I come to miss your love,
All through the rainy southern winters, Iíll be dreaming of


Does only half of you want me to go? If so
Can I turn and grow back like the green leaves turn yellow?
Canít I lift and fall back like the snow.

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