Lissa Schneckenburger: New England fiddler and folk singer


Lovely Jamie

source: ďThe Maine Woods SongsterĒ edited by Phillips Barry, 1939

On last Monday evening as I went to the ball
I met my own Jamie so proper and tall
I asked him to go with me, a piece down the road
Iíd show him my fatherís garden, and where I abode

Thereís a tree in fatherís garden lovely Jamie said she
Where young men and maidens they wait upon me
Where young men and maidens are enjoying their rest
Meet me there, lovely Jamie, youíre the boy I love best

My cruel cruel father in ambush did lay
And hearing the words that my Jamie did say
And hearing the words as for my love he did sue
With a pointed weapon he pierced my love through

Oh cruel cruel father, since this is your will
The innocent blood of my Jamie to spill
Iíll go now to his grave where he lies so low
May the heavens shine round him heís my own darling boy

Oh green grow the rushes and tall grow the trees
And love it is waiting, it waits for you and me
And love it is a hard thing, it conquers the best
In heaven I hope to meet him, itís there Iíll find rest.

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