Lissa Schneckenburger: New England fiddler and folk singer


Lumberman In Town/ Go Ken Go

(Lissa S)
“Go Ken Go” written for Ken Voorhees
song source: “The Maine Woods Songster” edited by Phillips Barry, 1939

When the lumberman comes down, every pocket bears a crown
And he wanders some pretty girl to find
If she is not too sly with her dark and rolling eye
The lumberman is pleased to his mind (2x)

Then the landlady comes in she is dressed so neat and trim
And she looks just like an evening star
She is ready to wait on him if she finds him in good trim
Chalk him down for two to one at the bar (2x)

The lumberman goes on till his money's spent and gone
And the landlady begins to frown
With her dark and rolling eye this will always be her cry
Lumberman it is time you were gone (2x)

She gives him to understand there’s a boat to be a manned
And away up the river he must go
With good liquor and a song its go hitch your horses on
Bid adieu to the girls of St John (2x)

Then to the woods he’ll go with his heart so full of woe
And he wanders from tree after tree
Till six months have come and past he forgets it all at last
It is time that I should have another spree (2x)

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