Lissa Schneckenburger: New England fiddler and folk singer


The Minstrel Show

By Bob Coltman

A posterís peeling underneath last summerís morning glory vines
An old white hat, a stubbed cigar, an empty bottle of wine

Lay me down, Carolina lay me down
Donít want to wake up in the morning no more
Sing me one slow sad song
For this one last old time before they close the Minstrel Show

The money and the crowd ran out before we hit the last town
This old show has played its run, and run the curtain down


My banjoís got a broken string, donít expect Iíll get to fix it now
There wonít be no more time to sing Iím rusty anyhow


I donít know where we go from here, come to that I just donít care
We probably go to a better place, the minstrel showíll be there


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