Lissa Schneckenburger: New England fiddler and folk singer


Sleepy Eyes

By Mark Simos

When I feel the weight of all my dreams
Press on me in a cloud
And the ghosts of men I might have been
Gather round me in a crowd
Itís easy to loose faith and say
The way I chose was wrong
'Til I look into your eyes and see
Love deep as the road is long

When the evening stars burn down
And the new day starts to rise
I will shelter in your loving arms
And close these sleepy eyes
These sleepy eyes

When I see old friends from bye gone days
Their hearts still filled with fire
Who never seem to have lost their way
Or bargained their true desire
I think of where I might be now
Had I been of single mind
'Til the long dayís done
And I embrace the one
Sure thing that my heart did find


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